Scrumpy: Card Cider


A deck-manipulation game for 1-4 players revolving around the harvesting of wood and apples to make barrels and cider. Multi-purpose cards and a number of innovations make this a unique and enjoyable game where you try to earn the most prestige. Scrumpy launches on Kickstarter on 4.4.20




A strategic card game for 1-4 players where flowers are collected and used to complete orders. Clever use of staff allows each player to build their own engine and try to make the most money.



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Hello, I'm Paul Frohnsdorff-Harris



In 2017 I founded Invincible Games, initially to set up as a freelance game designer and as I founded HandyCon, a board game convention. After designing Scrumpy: Card Cider, which became very much a passion project I decided I wanted to travel down the path of self-publishing and set about learning everything I could about publishing board games. I have been very fortunate so far with the people I have met and both the graphic designer and artist I am working with are producing some very exciting stuff. I look forward to bringing more games to life and exploring the world of ideas in mine and other designers' heads.


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